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Bridges: Build Them or Burn Them?

building_bridges_408995You’ve probably heard the expression “burn your bridges behind you.” It means that you have totally seperated from everything of the past in regards to a certain aspect of your life.

As we wind down our study on healthy relationships (this is our 9th lesson on this topic believe it or not!), we will discuss the following question: in relationships, is it Scripturally better to rebuild bridges or to burn them behind us?

Is it easier and/or better to keep certain areas of our lives in the “I-don’t-ever-want-to-talk-about-this-again” pile or is it better to face the problem with the potential risk of getting hurt again? What is the Christ-like response?

I can almost hear the hum of those thinking minds already!…:)



The Way to Total Victory

Are YOU victorious EVERY moment of EVERY day? That’s God’s plan for you!

The Lord really blessed us as we studied this great theme this morning. Listen to the sermon & read the quotes of God’s prophet, Bro. Branham in relation to this at

Do you live in Total Victory All the Time?

Complete Victory All the Time.

Complete Victory All the Time.


Tomorrow, God willing, we will approach the topic: “The Way to Total Victory.”


Defeat and Christianity just don’t go hand in hand.

God’s design is for us to live in complete victory EVERY day. (See 1 John 5:4). Nothing should hold you back as a born-again believer. Emotions, temptations, addictions, you name it-the Christian is designed to rule every circumstance life can throw his way.

Tomorrow’s focus is on explaining how to be an overcomer.

The sermon will also be available online: 

Come prayed up!

“Turning Down the Volume”: Reducing Emotional Noise

“Listen or your tongue will keep you deaf”-Indian Proverb.

Listening is a key part of communication and therefore of relationships. God takes the time to listen to us, so we should learn from His example: how does our Heavenly Father listen?

As we continue our study of building relationships, let’s take another look at a key barrier to communication: emotional noise (E.N.) 

Quickly defined, Emotional Noise is when we lose focus of the current conversation/situation and our minds go to “another time/place.” For instance, a married woman who has been repeatedly shouted at by her father in childhood may lose focus on what her husband is saying, should he raise his voice at her. Although she is now an adult, the “noise” of her previous experience is still sounding in her “ears” blocking out the current circumstance.

To help develop communication skills the ABC of the LWBC looked at 4 very different scenarios and did the following:

  1. Gave a possible outcome with EN (normally negative)
  2. Gave a possible outcome without EN (normally postive)
  3. Gave strategies for eliminating EN.

Your solutions for reducing E.N. were excellent:

  • Empathize with the person you are talking to (put yourself in his/her shoes)
  • Ask questions. Get clarification on pieces of the conversation you missed.
  • Focus. Don’t allow yourself to feel overwhelmed or get distracted.
  • Don’t assume.  Each person is different and each conversation gives you the chance to learn something new. Don’t assume you know it all or generalize in people. Chances are…you’re wrong. 🙂

Deep thoughts but keep thinking ABC…..


What kind of listening skills does our Heavenly Father employ?

As we have been discussing emotional noise and developing effective listening skills,  thought struck me: what kind of listening skills does God employ?

Does He allow ” noise” of our past mistakes etc… impact His ability to hear us? Remember, He is our example so we can learn from Him even in this. Thoughts please….

The Power of ONE

The Power of One

What do Sin, Salvation and Starfish have in common? Read our free, newly released EagleFood issue: The Power of One to find out!

See text sample below:

What do sin, salvation and starfish have in common?
The question might seem difficult but the answer is not hard to find. In fact, it shows up every time you glance in the mirror. That’s right: you, one individual are the key to the puzzle.

A human life has unlimited potential impact, for good or for evil. One man Adam’s transgression has directly affected untold billions of people who have inhabited the earth. Perhaps millions more yet unborn will feel the effects of the fatal decision taken by their original forefather over 6,000 years ago. It is important to note that the choice to sell the human race into spiritual slavery was not made by millions but by one man. One man out of the will of God brought ruin to humanity and creation.

Analyzing the Jacob/Laban Complex

Hello all!  A few weeks ago our Adult Bible Class identified three  elements that are essential for a  Christian relationship to be successful:

  1. Compromise
  2. Trust
  3. Communication.

To help us go from theory to “real-life,” we looked at a segment of a video clip called Jacob.The class’s responsibility was to identify the elements that were both present and missing from the relationship of Jacob and Laban. We then took this a step further to come up with ways to restore the missing elements in Jacob & Laban’s relationship. Your critical thinking skills were well applied. We’ll continue with this at our next lesson.

A bientôt!

Constructing Constructive Communication

It might seem simple: open your mouth and speak. The students of the LWBC Bible class learned this past week that communicating effectively is a lot easier said than done. 🙂

Our goal in communicating is to take the image, thought or concept that is in our mind and put it in the mind of someone else. To help us with learning how to improve our communication skills, we did a group communication exercise. To communicate effectively one must:

  1. Use as much detail as is feasibly possible.
  2. Focus on what you are saying not whether or not the person (people) you are speaking to is understanding what you are saying.
  3. Tune out “emotional noise” (EN). Instead of focusing on the present we often experience flashbacks to previous similar conversations or circumstances, normally unpleasant ones. This prevents full focus on the present and we may react or judge the present conversation by what has happened in the past. Remember: “every day is  a NEW day.”

By communicating effectively we minimize satan’s opportunities to cause misunderstandings. God help us is my prayer.